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Authors: S. Shawl, G. Byrd, S Deustua, M. Lopresto

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Discovering Astronomy is a complete introductory textbook covering all aspects of astronomy including the nature of science, the view of the night sky and how it changes daily/annually, Kepler/Newton/Galileo’s contributions, solar system formation, extrasolar planets, comets/asteroids/dwarf planets, the planets and their satellites, light and spectroscopy, telescopes, properties and evolution of stars, properties and evolution of galaxies (including the Milky Way), cosmology, and life in the universe.


The new 6th edition is not only up-to-date, but continues and expands upon its unique pedagogical features: an emphasis on understanding the nature of science; its use of in-text inquiries; chapter discoveries. The chapter summaries help to emphasize the nature of science by grouping the chapter’s ideas into observations, theory, and conclusions.

New to this edition are Critical Observations, which illustrate specific examples throughout astronomy of how a specific observation allowed astronomers to choose one theory over the competing ideas. End-of-chapter questions have a new section called Putting It All Together containing questions asking the student to evaluate and synthesize ideas. The other end-of-chapter questions, Summary Questions and Applying Your Knowledge, are questions emphasizing other realms of Bloom’s taxonomy of cognitive domains.